What Is Wayne Vass SEO?

I begin my online marketing venture as early as 1996. Back then, the internet was in its infancy, finding a computer powerful enough or a internet connection fast enough was nearly impossible. Yet, there I was, running my first online company called Pinnacle Entertainment. It was a 12 phone line operation in my parent's house. I in college paying my way via my home based business. After Microsoft took over the online market with its gaming site zone.com, I shut the doors down to Pinnacle Entertainment and started my own online ventures on the web, selling and promoting affiliate products as well as my own publications that went on to earn me a good income for the years to come. Wayne Vass SEO was launched 3 years ago in 2013, in my home office located in Sugar Land. It started out as a simple idea. To help businesses grow via intelligent marketing across the web. But first, I had to prove to myself that the idea would not only work for new clients, but also my own agency. At the time, January 2013 to be exact, Wayne Vass SEO was a new upstart, with no clients. I used my own marketing agency to rank on Google, naturally, without paid advertising. By the end of the first year, we were ranked #1 in Google for various seo and marketing terms in the Houston arena, beating out large agencies. Today, we've expanded outside of Houston, to San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and the entire Texas area. Real business, real results, a proven model.

Who Is Wayne Vass?

Wayne Vass is a professional SEO. He started his online career in search engine optimization and web design toward the end of 2012. Wayne Vass has been doing online marketing however since 2003 and started offering his skills to local, national and global businesses in 2012 via his marketing agency Wayne Vass SEO.


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Our website designs are state of the art in both aesthetics as well as seo. We design all sites with two simple models in mind, a pre built design or a custom design specific to your business needs.


Our strategy for getting our clients more ROI is simple. Provide a well designed site that is optimized for SEO and that provides excellent information on your product or services coupled with some direct web marketing and we have a winner.


Our digital agency utilizes state of the art technology in getting your content published with outreach to your target audience. Through this technology, we are able to bring you real traffic and real customers that simply increase your ROI.


Marketing can be a tricky event if you allow it. Here at Wayne Vass SEO, we try to simply the most complex strategies such that our customer product and services become highly visible over time. We don't stop there however, we continue to market and grow your business.

How we work.

1 To get you more traffic and a higher ROI, we first learn about your business, service or product and what your goals are. This is typically done from a brief consulting session over the phone.

2 Once we've gathered enough facts, we study your market and your competition to see what we're up against. We find out what's working and what's not and we target and design a custom built strategy to get you the results you're seeking.

3 As we fine tune the strategies to get you more clients, we make adjustments along the way that will further improve the techniques to get your business the type of ROI you are looking for.