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 Houston SEO Consultant Brings You 7 Must-Know Facts about hiring an SEO Company Before You Spend a Single Penny!


Here’s a horrifying fact…

I talk to business owners all the time about search engine optimization. Roughly 90% of the business owners pay an SEO Houston service provider or some type of Internet marketer good money to achieve very little results, if they receive any benefit at all.

No Results with SEO

And the worst part…

These companies are paying large sums of money – not peanuts or what amounts to the change found in the cushions of their couches. We’re talking real, serious seo marketing budgets getting flushed down the toilet with zero return on investment.

To put things in perspective, please realize that this doesn’t just apply to search engine optimization. You can pay 4 figures a month for a YellowPages.com advertisement or an ad in the phone book, which might ultimately amount to nothing.

 Money Wasted with Search Engine Marketing

I’ve met countless business owners who’ve paid thousands of dollars for Houston SEO consultants. Unfortunately, these unsuspecting businesses never even come close to the first page of Google for the most targeted keyword phrases in their market.

Then there’s the other side of the coin…

I’m talking about the businesses that pay a few hundred dollars a month for services that provide zero value. This is common when it comes to search engine optimization, and it’s one of the downsides because it’s often hard to sift through all of the bad apples in the bunch.

It’s horrible when this happens. It can seriously harm a good business by killing advertising cash flow, which could have otherwise went to good use. This is money that businesses need in order to survive, and they can’t throw it away on poor SEO services in Houston that will never live up to the hype.

More than anything else, it bothers me tremendously when good businesses are taken for a ride. I hate seeing companies go down in flames because they thought the latest search engine optimization gimmick would improve their rankings.

I get it. I know why so many businesses are skeptical of the supposed “SEO experts.” Some SEO providers give this industry a bad name, and you should feel a measure of skepticism.

You’re probably being emailed, called and faxed by every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming to be a master at SEO. And they make bold claims too, saying that they can use the latest and greatest new Internet marketing techniques to change your fortune online. The messages are so conflicting that you have no idea who to believe, and you may have even felt the sting of a poor SEO services company in the past.

Continue to be skeptical. You have so much to lose. Your financial future is at stake and your business depends on making the right marketing decisions. There’s no question that your company would benefit from a quality SEO Houston consultant especially in the Houston area. It may end up being the difference between success and failure in your business.

I am a seo houston consultant here in the Houston area. I eat, sleep and breathe search engine optimization. I know everything about it and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s constantly running through my mind, because I love ranking websites at the top of Google. It’s all I ever want to do, and I work at it all day long.

I’d love to be able to help you too.

If you’d like to schedule a free consultation or learn more about my services, please call the phone number prominently displayed at the top of this website or fill out the contact form on the page.

But before you do anything else…

Please pay attention to the information that I’m about to share with you today. These are seven must-know facts about search engine web optimization and SEO services in Houston.

I’d love to work with you, but even if that isn’t a possibility, I want you to have this information. Please use it to test anyone quoting you for search engine optimization services. It’s vital to know if the SEO company is going to provide a valuable service or try to take your money and run.

So let’s dive in…

1. Keyword Research: What the Heck Is It?

Here’s a thought…

Why bother ranking highly in the search engines for a particular keyword phrase if nobody is looking for it? You’ll waste time, effort and energy establishing the ranking and it will never bring any new business.keyword-research

From a business standpoint, this is a pointless endeavor. Yet many companies are so excited when they attain this initial first page ranking. Only after months of zero contact or benefit do they realize that the ranking is ultimately useless.

Pay close attention to what I’m about to you next.

If a Houston company providing SEO video services approaches you, but cannot specifically show you the keyword phrases being searched in your market within their proposal, it’s time to head for the hills. Stay away from this Houston SEO expert provider because you’ll end up wasting your time, your money, and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Just move on and save yourself the heartache and hassle.

Did you know that Google provides keyword phrases and search engine data for free? There’s no reason why a supposed search engine optimization expert should not know the most relevant phrases for your market. It’s called being lazy, and nothing more. Or the “so-called” expert has absolutely no idea what he or she is doing.

Google’s keyword data is not perfect. But it’s an excellent way to get an overall feel for what your market is searching for on the Internet.

To learn more about the keyword phrases in your niche, please call the number at the top of the website or fill out the contact form. I’ll get back to you shortly.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO

2. Is Search Engine Optimization the Right Choice for Your Business?

After figuring out what your market is looking for, you now have to do the math to find out if SEO services in Houston are viable for your business.

You must be really excited, right? Everybody loves doing math! Just kidding!

But it’s important. Because it helps you figure out if search engine optimization is going to be a profitable endeavor or a losing proposition. Since you have no interest in losing money – or any more money – it only makes sense to take some time and do the math.

There are three factors of the utmost importance that will tell you if hiring a Houston SEO is something to pursue. They are:

• your average customer value

• the amount of search volume in your market

• how much it will cost for Houston SEO consultation?

At a bare minimum, if you were to attain number one rankings for the best phrases in your market, would you make more money than your SEO costs?

To take advantage of my skills and services, please call the number displayed at the top of this website or fill out the contact form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by.

I appreciate it!

Wayne Vass

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