Why Hiring SEO Houston Pros Can Help Increase Your ROI

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SEO Houston Pros - waynevass.netWhen I first started my online business over 16 years ago I was completely lost as to how I would make it work.  The first thing I did was take a few courses in online marketing.  That lead to visiting the local book stores several times a week to uncover any golden nuggets I could on building my online web presence quickly.

I read and devoured every topic I could on advertising, to learning about blogs and even designing sales letters for my email campaigns.  I struggled for nearly 10 years before I learned about a topic called SEO – short for Search Engine Optimization.  After spending the next 6 years of my life from that point on discovering what it would take to get my website more visible in Google,   I discovered the steps it took to get  my website ranked in the google serps, and rank it did.  I ranked #1 for the major terms for the last 3 years, slowly dissecting the top seo giants in the local Houston market space.

I am Your Houston SEO Pro

I begin my SEO company toward the end of 2012.  After spending nearly a decade learning what it took to dance with Google, the hard work paid off.  I started getting the phone calls and the clients and I took what I learned from my very own search marketing business and applied it to my clients sites.

I continue to see many local businesses struggle not having a clue what it takes to get their sites listed at the top of the google search engines.  The ones that do end up hiring out, either don’t see progress nor do they see a Return on Investment (ROI).ROI with SEO

How Is My SEO Services Different?

First of all, I’m a small SEO company specializing in local seo marketing.  Most of my clients leave me to run with it and get them the traffic they’re looking for to get their phones to ring.  My methods are methodical and systematic.  I follow a completely unique and structured approach to SEO that naturally gets my client sites ranking.  However unlike most SEO companies in the market today, I don’t sell my clients on rankings.  I’ve seen many keywords ranking only to bring mediocre results in terms of phone calls and sales.

The Magic of Traffic and User Engagement

How Real SEO Houston Pros Do ItOne of the key components WayneVass.Net focuses on is traffic.  After all, you can get ranked all day long, but if no one really clicks to visit your site, nor do they stick around long enough to make a phone call that could potentially turn into a sale, you’re basically wasting your time not seeing any sort of ROI.

Our goal in keyword selection and outreach is to assure that you not only get your keywords ranked, but you also get the traffic during the time we work on ranking your site.  Ironically its opposite of what most people, especially SEO’s think.  Most would expect a keyword to rank before the site becomes popular with visitors.  We push real traffic that ranks your site, not the other way around.  This means that by the time your website hits the front page of google, your website is already generating the type of traffic it needs to start attracting potential clients that end up buying your services.  After this, your site will only attract more customers because of the top ranking.

Hiring a professional seo company is important toward getting your website noticed within the world wide web.  One of the best things you can do is to hire a company that focuses on the ROI and Traffic, instead of trying to have them force you to understand the technical of how it gets done.  You can leave that part to the SEO Houston Pros – WayneVass.net