local business - waynevass.netSo you’re a local business and you provide local services to local residents.  You paid some web design company a good chunk of money to build your website for a few reasons, one being, you can send a potential client to it and let them have at it to find out what services you offer.  So the bigger question…outside of talking to a handful of customers or advertising in the yellow pages that well, won’t get you calls anymore, how do you drive traffic to your website?

Glad you asked.  There are in fact several methods. One of the lowest cost ways is to simply start a blog.  Why a blog?  Well, there’s several good reasons.

First a blog can be used to educate your customers or prospects.  You can teach them about DYI plumbing techniques for example.  Most people are too busy to really do it themselves, so they end up hiring a professional anyway.  So what better way is there than to create indirect rapport with the customer then by showing them that you’re an expert on the topic and that you really know your stuff.

Second reason to start a blog is that by creating one, you are potentially growing the authority of your website by adding relevant pages of content to it that will allow you to rank for more keywords.  Think about it, the more articles, likely the more related keywords spread throughout that content.  More content, more keyword phrases and combinations that will likely rank for.  The more keywords that rank, the more visible your website, the more visible your website, the more customers click and follow the links back to your website through the google searches.

At Wayne Vass SEO, one of our core services is our blogging feature. We have experts available to write content for you in nearly any niche or local business services you may be in.  Its also one of our lowest costing services.  So if you’re not willing to pay for the expensive costs of SEO, then why not simply hire us to write monthly blog content for your site.  Over time, the sheer relevance of your website will be enough to rank for all kind of keywords on its own.

If nothing more, you’ll have more informed readers who may end up hiring your services anyway seeing that you know what you’re talking about.

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