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An Texas SEO expert shares seven vital facts about optimizing for the search engines before blowing through your hard earned marketing budget!

Do you want to hear something that has kept me awake and uncomfortable on many nights?

In my line of work, I have the privilege of shooting the breeze with entrepreneurs on a regular basis as they inquire about my services. When we discuss the search engines, the conversation typically goes in the same direction. As I speak to these stressed-out business owners, nine out of 10 of them pay for SEO services – or have paid for them in the past – and unfortunately they received very little (and many times zero) benefit from the experience.

As a search engine optimization consultant, this does not make me feel good about the state of my industry.

Worst of all…

The bulk of the companies that call my office are typically spending a lot of dough – seriously obscene amounts of cash – for sub par online marketing services. Many of the companies that call have very large marketing budgets, yet the money they spend doesn’t equate to much when all is said and done. Sure, many of them end up with a halfway decent looking website, but their website rarely has high search engine rankings and very few potential customers visiting it on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Something’s fishy!

As a way to understand me better, please know that I do not mean that companies are just flushing their hard-won dollars down the toilet on search engine marketing services. In all honesty, the bulk of the companies that call me are spending $1000 or more a month on outdated advertisements like the Yellow Pages and similar options. As you can imagine, the results are less than stellar the majority of the time.

On the flipside…

I have also come across numerous business owners paying (or who once paid) top dollar – meaning big bucks per month – to less than effective marketing consultants. It is unfortunate for these companies because they trusted the wrong service provider and pumped entire marketing budgets into SEO campaigns that ultimately ended up going nowhere for various reasons. Most of the time, their webpages never came near Google’s first page for the desired keyword phrases and it’s really sad.

Looking at the situation from a different angle…

Many of the companies I talk to have limited marketing budgets and can only afford to pay a few thousand dollars per month for search engine optimization consulting in Texas. They come across the first SEO listings in Google search, and usually offer them a contract without finding out anything about the business and their track record of success. Business owners make this same mistake so many times when hiring local advertising agencies.

It’s really unfortunate, but many search engine companies are only looking to make quick cash and nothing more. They charge little to no money for their services, because they never plan to deliver the goods in the first place. They just want to quickly get paid and take the money and run. It’s isn’t easy finding top-tier Texas digital marketing agencies most of the time, but you got lucky because today you found me!

I find it so sad when I see unsuspecting companies get scorched by phony SEO service providers. Truthfully, without a solid online search engine marketing plan, your business is really going to suffer. Paying good money for bad service stinks, and this is especially true when you can put that money to good use in other areas of your marketing plan.

Every company needs to effectively use their marketing budget if they ever want to survive and thrive. It’s tough to swallow when you throw good money at terrible SEO services that never manage to turn profitable whatsoever.

It isn’t surprising in the least if you’ve come to this website very skeptical about the services that I offer. I get what you are going through. I know you’ve been burned by “SEO experts” in the past and want to avoid that painful experience like the plague. Believe me; I’m tired of seeing good people like you get burned by crappy companies that create a bad reputation for this industry.

More than likely, you are getting dozens of emails and phone calls from Texas agencies on a daily basis. They most likely say that they are experts in the digital marketing space as well. Fly-by-night companies like this have no choice but to bombard you with marketing messages. These companies make bold claims quite often, even though they cannot live up to their own hype.

As an seo consultant, I know this industry inside and out. I know how Google operates. I know how to deliver my clients incredible results.

How did you find me? I assume you found me on Google or any of the other popular search engines. Do you want to know why? You found me because I know search engine optimization. I have learned the secrets of how to beat out the rest of my competition for top search engine rankings.

I have no need to hound you. I have no need to bombard you with marketing messages. I let you find me! And that’s the way that it should be in this business if you are a search engine optimization provider worth his salt.

I’d like to share seven vital facts about search engine marketing with you today. Since I cannot work with everybody due to time constraints and other factors, I can still offer my advice to as many people as possible this way. This need to know information can help take your company to the next level if you cannot work with me directly for some reason.

1: Keyword Research: What’s It about and How Can It Help My Company?

By far, the best traffic on the Internet comes from the search engines. This is a foregone conclusion that many online marketing experts will agree with. In order to capture some of this amazing, high converting traffic, your website needs to rank highly for the prime keyword options in your field of business. Otherwise search engine optimization really isn’t effective. If you rank for noncompetitive keywords, or phrases that are unrelated to your niche, you’re not going to get the best available traffic. It really is that simple.

Many business owners get feel phenomenal after getting first page rankings, and rightfully so. In most cases, they have either worked really hard for the ranking or paid somebody a decent amount of money to attain it for them. But, that joyous feeling is going to wear off quickly if the ranking doesn’t deliver the right type of traffic.

Really focus in on the next thing that I am about to say.

If an SEO agency tries to get your business, they better offer keyword research as one of their services. Because if they don’t provide this option, their service really isn’t worth much at all.

Without keyword research, SEO is a waste of time and valuable resources. If you’re in this situation now, put an end to it and move on.

Google offers a free keyword planner to anyone with a Google account. This amazing tool is invaluable for every business owner. Use it to find the most necessary keywords in your niche.

Schedule a consultation right now to learn the keyword research truth and how I can offer this service to help your business grow and expand online.

2: Can SEO Actually Help Improve My Business?

With a solid understanding of keyword research under your belt, it’s time to discover if we are the right fit for your company.

Don’t groan. Don’t get upset. But we have to work on some math problems now. And I know many of you don’t like math! Although it isn’t exciting, it will help you decide if SEO will be profitable or a big stinker for your company.

I recommend three factors that will help you figure out if contracting a SEO expert is worth it over the long haul.

3 Factors:

  • average value of each customer
  • average industry search volume
  • monthly expenses for marketing services

These three factors will help you determine if top search engine rankings for your market related keywords will earn you more than the price you pay for optimizing for the search engines.

Some other factors to consider:

  • value per visitor (lifetime)
  • conversion rates
  • Is your search volume too low? If so, making money with search engine optimization might not be the easiest thing to accomplish.

On the other hand…

It’s possible – and it happens every day – that a #3 ranking for one of your lesser keywords could potentially make 10 times the amount of money than you spend for search engine optimization services in Texas.

Please consider search volume with respect to your costs, and always factor in your total reach in the marketplace. Use this to help figure out if SEO is worth the investment.

3: Google – Does It Love or Hate Your Website?

First things first. Does Google recognize your website’s existence?

Second… Does Google hate it or really love it?

You can only find out one way. Performing a complete On Page and Off Page search engine optimization analysis is the only way to learn the truth.

4 Ranking Aspects for On Page Search Engine Optimization Analysis Are:

keywords contained within your title
main keyword(s) (or slight variation) within the content once
proper website interlinking structure
visitor preferences: do they like the way that your website flows and feels?
If you think your On Page SEO is tainted, now is the time to figure out the truth.

4 Ranking Factors for Off Page Search Engine Optimization Analysis Are:

websites that give a back link to your website
websites respected by Google giving your website a back link
relevant websites giving your site a back link
websites using anchor text to give you a back link
The sampling is a small piece of Off Page SEO, but an essential one. If you get this wrong, then you obviously need to correct it.

Finding On Page and Off Page search optimization difficult? Let me help. Call my office to take advantage of your free consultation.

5: Is There Any Duplicate Content on Your Website?

Are you wondering…? How can I discover if my website is harboring duplicate content?

With Copyscape, figuring this out is so simple that even a caveman can do it. Visit their website and set up a premium account. Once finished, just copy and paste the content from your website into their form. Pay the nickel for this service and then allow them to check for duplicate content. They will provide a report and tell you whether the content has been duplicated or not.

It’s possible you enlisted the help of a writer instead of writing the website content yourself. There’s nothing wrong with getting help from a professional. One of two things may have happened if you paid someone to write for you.

First, it’s possible that you were cheated by the writer. He or she may have taken the written content from a different website and passed it off as original. This does happen from time to time and it’s unfair but it’s a fact of life.

Second, and the more likely scenario, is that someone else visited your website, liked what they saw, and decided to rip you off and take it for their own. If this happens, you are ultimately screwed. Google will only recognize this content as duplicate, even if you created the content yourself or paid somebody to do it. And as far as Google is concerned, they do not share duplicate content results on the search engine results page. So you’ll have an impossible time getting top-notch results in this situation.

When many websites are sharing the same piece of content online, Google chooses the site that has the greatest amount of authority with top search engine rankings. Every other website sharing that same piece of content will get relegated to the secondary Google search engine, and this ultimately means that no one is ever going to find that particular piece on Google. Other search engines work in the same manner.

No matter who originally created the content, if Google decides that a website other than yours has more authority, they will give them every last bit of the SEO generated traffic and you’ll get nothing. It sucks but that’s how it works.

Stop wasting your time trying to get duplicate content to rank. Instead, give me a call. I’ll help you create new, even better content and have it ranking at the top of Google in an even quicker timeframe.

6: Does Your Market Have Viable Keyword Phrases?

Marketing online can be tough at times. Some keywords are much harder to rank then others. It’s all part of the game and that’s just the way that things go. And truthfully, some markets are so big, and the keywords are so competitive, that it will practically same impossible to rank for them unless you’re willing to put years of time and massive amounts of money into it, but I definitely do not recommend doing that at first.

When hiring a search engine optimization consultant, do your due diligence and ensure that they understand keyword evaluation. And if you’re doing this yourself, make sure you understand the score. Stop worrying about competing pages. The main thing that matters the most is what’s happening on page #1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Do you get it?

If you’re trying to win quickly and easily, do you think it would be better to play against a local high school football team or the 2015-2016 AFC South division champion Houston Texans? Obviously, you’d rather go up against the high school team any day instead of getting knocked on your ass by the Texans!

You need to take a look at search engine optimization the exact way. Always know what the competition is doing. Always go after the easier keyword phrases.

By ignoring this advice, it will be really tough to find out how much cash you must spend to rank for a specific keyword phrase. Plus, you’ll never know the length of time it’s going to take either. Ignoring this is foolish and a stupid way to run your business.

Remember, it’s impossible to win if the competition is impossible to beat. Make sure to always evaluate the competition of every keyword before investing in it.

7: What are the Necessary Steps to Success?

Have you and your seo consultant come up with a game plan? Are you aware of the right steps to take to attain top search engine rankings?

If you’re working with a consultant, there’s no need for them to provide a detailed explanation of their process. On the other hand, it is good to know their overall plan. This info is important to determine if it is your best option.

Then again…

Over time, this plan is going to change. It is inevitable. The SEO specialist that you hire will discover new information that pops up during the SEO campaign. And because of this new information, the overall strategy will have to be adjusted in all likelihood to achieve the best level of success.

Based on information discovered during the campaign, you may choose to go in a completely new direction. And this is the beauty of search engine optimization; because it lets you keep your options open at all times in order to get the greatest success out of your campaigns.

Quite frankly, your search engine optimization plan could change month-to-month. And there’s nothing wrong with this provided that your business is thriving. So please do not worry about the small details, but have a strong understanding of the overall picture and know when your campaigns are changing so that you can make the necessary changes toward your sales approach and content delivery.

Let’s wrap this up…

Many of you reading this know that it’s often hard to attain high search engine rankings on Google. It’s the reason why most Texas business owners look to professionals to perform SEO on their behalf.

I would love to take you on your journey towards success.

Do you see how I can help? After reading this very long page, do you how much added value I can offer to as a search engine results page specialist?

Please call my office to schedule a free consultation. I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you and your business at some point in the future.

Wayne Vass, Founder and CEO

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