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Dallas SEO expert shares 7 need to know facts about search engine optimization before spending a dime!

Here’s a scary thought that might keep you awake at night…

I often speak to business owners about Dallas seo services. And there’s one fact that really seems to hold true… About 90% of the business owners that I speak with pay for SEO services, and if they receive any benefits whatsoever, they are very little.

The worst part of this situation is that…

Most marketing managers that I talk with are spending a fortune – and I mean large amounts of money – for Internet marketing services. In many cases they have huge marketing budgets, and the only thing they ever really get to show for it is a half decent website and no customers. Something’s got to give.

To help you get a better understanding of what I mean, I am not strictly speaking about search engine optimization when I tell you about companies flushing their marketing budgets down the drain. In fact, many companies are spending over $1000 a month, sometimes more, on advertisements and they achieve dismal results at best.

But on the other hand…

I’ve also met many business owners that have paid or continue to pay thousands of greenbacks for SEO consultants. It’s unfortunate because many of these unsuspecting businesses achieve nothing near the results that they were expecting. They never come close to the first page rankings on Google for top keyword phrases in their niche.

Now we’ll look at the flip side of the coin…

Some companies have small budgets available for marketing and they do not have the available funds to spend $200-$300 a month for SEO services. So they find the first SEO company to come across their path and hire them without doing any research. This is a common mistake that many companies make when it comes to hiring SEO services. The bulk of the companies out there are just trying to make a fast buck, and these low dollar services ultimately end up providing very little value, if any at all. It’s tough to find a top-notch SEO provider in Dallas sometimes, but thankfully you stumbled upon this website today.

It’s really sad when businesses get burned by search engine optimization providers. The truth is, poor online marketing and SEO can really hurt companies and drain their entire online marketing budget. This is good money that could have been used in more lucrative ways to help grow and expand the business.

Businesses need their marketing budgets to be effective in order to live to fight another day, and it’s difficult to throw away good money on crappy SEO services in Dallas that will never provide a solid return on investment.

I really hate it when I see good businesses get taken for a ride. I hate it when companies end up folding because they trusted a marketing and search engine optimization firm that didn’t care about them even one iota. They trusted a gimmick company that turned tail and ran as soon as their victim caught onto their schemes.

So, if you’ve started reading my website with a measure of skepticism, please realize that I understand what you’re feeling. I understand where you have been because you’ve trusted a supposed “SEO experts” perhaps one too many times and you’re tired of getting burned. It’s unfortunate that certain search engine optimization providers give a bad name to the industry, so you have every right to feel jaded.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that unscrupulous SEO providers are making solicitation phone calls, plus sending emails and faxes your way every day and claim to be master search engine optimization specialists. The only way these companies will have a chance of getting your business is to bombard your business with advertising messages.

These companies make incredibly bold claims and tell you what they can do to help your company. They tell you that they’ll get you a first page search engine rankings and transform your business.

As an SEO consultant in Dallas, I know everything about search engine optimization. It is my lifeblood and I work hard to help my clients achieve massive results.

You found this website in the search engines, right? I didn’t hound you like those other guys. My results speak for themselves.

Call my office to schedule a free consultation today. You can learn more about my services by calling the number at the top of this website. Or you can use the contact form on this page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

But please don’t go anywhere! …

I have 7 need to know facts about optimization for the search engines that I think would be great for you to discover today.

In a perfect world, I’d have an opportunity to work with all comers. But we know that’s not going to happen in every case. So at least I can share this information with you even if we do not get the chance to work together. This is vital SEO information that will help propel your business to a higher level, so please use it.

#1 – Keyword Research: What Is It?

The best online experience comes directly from search engine traffic, hands down. But your website has to rank for keywords that are relevant to your market in order to be effective. Ranking for any other phrases is a complete waste of time and money and it’s never going to turn into new business for your company.

There are so numerous industry experts out there that get really excited once they finally get rankings on the top of Google and other search engines. And this is completely understandable. But the joy of first page rankings will quickly disappear when it ultimately amounts to nothing.

Please listen closely to what I’m sharing with you today.

If an SEO specialist in the city of Dallas attempts to secure your business, but doesn’t provide keyword research information as part of their proposal, then you need to get away from them very quickly.

This is the kind of SEO provider that will end up being a complete waste of money, effort, and time. If you find yourself in a situation like this, move on and don’t look back.

Google provides free keyword research data to those who know how to use their tools. This is invaluable to your business, and every good search engine optimization professional worth his salt will use this tool to determine the top quality keyword phrases in a market.

If you’d like to discover a better understanding of keyword research and how we’ll utilize it to the benefit of your company, please call our number and schedule a consultation.

#2 – Can SEO Really Help My Business?

Now that you understand keyword research and you’ve used it to figure out what your market is looking for, the next thing you must do is figure out if search engine optimization is the best option for your company.

It’s time to pull out our calculators. It’s not very exciting, but it’s going to help you determine if search engine optimization is a loser or a profitable proposition.

Three important factors will make it possible to decide if employing a SEO provider is something worth pursuing.

The 3 factors include:

  • average customer value
  • average market related search volume
  • SEO monthly expenses

At a minimum, if you achieve #1 rankings for the top phrases in your industry, would you earn more than you spend on search engine optimization? The three factors above will help you figure this out.

Other factors also come into play including the value of a visitor over a lifetime, conversions, and other reasons. But the factors above really make a huge difference.

Search volume. Is it so low that it will be nearly impossible to make money in this niche? It might not be worth it to invest in SEO.


Maybe ranking #3 for a specific Dallas keyword phrase in your market would bring in huge traffic and ten times more money than you’re spending for SEO services.

You have to think about your costs in relation to search volume and your overall market reach. That’s how you can decide if search engine optimization will pay dividends for you.

#3 – Does Google Love Your Website or Hate It?

First question: Does Google realize your website exists?

Second question: Does Google love it or hate it?

There’s only one way to find out. And that’s by performing a full SEO analysis for off the page and on the page.

4 On Page SEO Analysis Ranking Factors

  • Does your title contain keywords?
  • Is your main keyword – or a minor variation of it – in your content at least one time?
  • Have you properly set up your interlinking structure on your website?
  • Do visitors appreciate the way that your website flows? How about the feel of it?

This is a good place to start your analysis on the page. These mistakes are pretty easy to fix as well if you find something wrong.

4 Off Page SEO Analysis Ranking Factors

  • How many websites link back to you?
  • Does Google respect the sites linking back to yours?
  • Do niche relevant websites give you back links?
  • When sites link back to your company website, what anchor text are they using?

This is just a small sampling of analyzing off page ranking factors. It’s a place to get started to look for areas that need to be corrected.

Having trouble with your On Page or maybe your Off Page SEO? Call our SEO expert today to get the help that you need and deserve.

#4 – Does Your Site Rank Already? Do You Get Search Engine Traffic?

Is ranking and visitor tracking software already set up on your website? If it is, then finding this information out will be a snap.

If it’s not, then you need to give us a call right away. We will help you set up the software ASAP, because it is important to your success online.

Minimally, having visitor tracking software is a must. It’s easy to use and it’s free, and it also helps with data analysis because it provides valuable information.

Use this info to figure out where your website is achieving success and where improvements are needed. But you must have this tracking software installed in order to receive this data, because that’s the only way that it works.

By accessing this information, you’ll see exactly what Google sees. You’ll know how Google categorizes your website, and it will help you make changes to point your website in the right direction.

#5 – Do You Have Any Duplicate Content on Your Website?

You might be thinking, “Is it feasible to find out if my business website has duplicate content?”

It’s easier than you think. Visit the Copyscape website, and while you are there, copy the content of your website and then paste the text in the form. Spend the five cents for the duplicate content check and they will let you know if your content is a duplicate or an original.

You may have employed a essayist to write your content. If that’s the case, one, maybe two potential things could have happened. First off, your writer may have stolen the content from somebody else. It happens sometimes and it’s unfortunate when this takes place.

On the other hand, someone may have ripped off your existing content and put it on their website. Even though you are the actual creator of the content, it is still going to show up as duplicate content in the search engines.

Ultimately, if you find out that you have duplicate content on your website, you’re going to have a difficult, if not impossible, time ranking it in the search engines. Google does not like duplicate content and they often penalize this content and put it in the sandbox so that it does not rank.

Truthfully, if many sites have the same content, Google will often take the most authoritative website and rank that particular website content. All the rest will find themselves consigned to the Google wasteland and never appear anywhere on the search engines. You do not want to find yourself in this position.

Here’s the crazy thing about it…

It really doesn’t matter who was the original content creator. If your site does not have more authority than another site with the same content, you’ll lose out the lion’s share of the search traffic.

I understand the value of fresh and original content as a SEO specialist. It would be insane to begin performing search engine optimization on content that’s considered a duplicate. It would be very difficult to rank, if not impossible, depending on the authority of your website.

Forget about attempting to get content to rank that is considered duplicate. Call an SEO expert to help fix your broken website. You’ll have the search engines sending you thousands of visitors in the nick of time.

#6 – Are There Competitive Keyword Phrases in Your Niche?

Certain keyword phrases are tougher to rank than others. Some keyword phrases are even impossible when beginning on a brand-new domain with no age or authority behind it.

If you’re hiring a Dallas consultant for SEO, be certain that they know how to evaluate keyword phrases. Don’t look at things like competing pages in order to measure competition. Nothing else matters but the first page search engine results, so make sure the SEO provider is focused on that.

Think about it…

If you are looking for an easy win, would you rather compete against the toughest team in baseball or the team with the worst record?

You’d obviously rather play against the worst team because your chances of winning become that much easier.

That’s the same way you need to start looking at optimization for the search engines. Always pay close attention to the competition when looking at keyword phrases.

If you ignore this step, it is going to be nearly impossible to determine how much money you have to spend in order to gain rankings for specific keyword. Figuring out how long it is going to take will not be easy to determine. And running your business this way is foolish.

The last thing you need is to snap out of it six months from now and realize that your search engine optimization efforts have been a complete waste of time. You do not want to wake up and notice that you’re playing against the toughest team in the league when you thought you were playing against the team with the worst record.

You’ll never get the upper hand if your competition is too strong, so always evaluate your keyword competition ahead of time.

#7 – Do You Recognize the Right Steps to Take in Order to Become Successful?

Has a plan of attack been formulated by your SEO consultant? Do you identify the steps being taken to help rank your site in the search engines?

Your search engine optimization consultant doesn’t need to provide every detail, but you should understand the overall plan of attack. You need to know this information to see how it fits in with your business.

On the other hand…

The total plan has to change over time. New information will become available during your SEO campaign. Adjustments will need to be made to make the campaign successful.

According to the data that you’ve acquired, you may decide to take your campaign in another direction. This is search engine optimization at its finest, and it’s the best way to make your SEO campaigns work.

It’s even possible that your plan might change on a monthly basis. And that’s okay as long as this meets your business needs.

It’s time to bring this to a close.

It isn’t always easy to achieve first page rankings on the Big G. That’s why typical Dallas business owners need professional help from a search engine optimization provider. I’d love to work with you as your SEO expert.

If you feel that I can provide assistance – and I am certain I can – please call the number on this website today. I can’t wait to work with you in the future.

I appreciate you taking the time to check out the site!

Wayne Vass, Founder and CEO

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