So what exactly is link building and what can it do for a Houston SEO Expert who works on your website’s rankings?

What Is Link Building To A Houston SEO Expert? - Wayne VassLet’s begin with an analogy.  As we know, high profile people typically hang out at public places where other high profile individuals gather.  For example, the CEO of Starbucks might be dining at the fanciest restaurant in town where other CEO’s and persons of importance are also having their regular Sunday meal.

Now let’s say the owner of Starbucks decides to hire you as their new director of marketing and you’ve been assigned to oversee all aspects of the company’s marketing ventures.  Well, other high profile people at that restaurant may not know who you are, however, they know who the CEO of Starbucks is.  So naturally, they may associate you as a person of importance since you’re dining with the CEO of Starbucks.  After asking around, they find out who you are and now, you have a certain level of credibility established since you’re seen dining with your CEO in a place of interest.

Much like the scene above, link building is essentially acquiring a point of reference from another website that associates the article on your website with theirs in one means or another.  Let’s assume the site linking to yours is a well known high traffic site.  In Google’s eyes, since you’re getting a link from them referencing the article off your website, you now have instant credibility with Google.  As such, Google now has confidence to push your website up the listings during online search for that particular topic or keyword.

At Wayne Vass SEO, the premier Houston SEO Expert, we link from various types of high authority websites that have built a level of credibility in Google’s eyes.  As such, everytime your website is referenced or mentioned, your rankings will typically eventually list higher within a google search for that particular targeted keyword.

We usually perform link building on a monthly basis and essentially help build a network of associations with other websites of authority, thus giving your website more credibility and more strength to rank among other top sites within your industry.

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